Mailed Items

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A Quarantine Officer is present at the International Mail Centre in Apia during operating hours Monday to Friday. All incoming parcels and packets are screened for risk items and some mail items will require further inspection to determine the extent of the Quarantine risk of contents. This inspection will normally take place at the time the owner of the mail comes to collect it.

Examples of international mail items that require inspection include:

Wooden items
Meat products
Medicine including herbal and Chinese medicine
Cane and bamboo items
Souvenirs containing bone, shell or animal hair
People can assist the facilitation of overseas parcels by ensuring that their relatives and friends are discouraged from sending risk goods through the mail, and to ensure a full and detailed declaration is made on the parcel.
Please note that Non-compliance of no required documents or incomplete documents is a penalty and can lead to Seizure or Destroy or Further Treatment.

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