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Category: Sample Data-Articles Published on Wednesday, 28 May 2014 Written by Super User

Live animals are prohibited entry unless the Samoa Quarantine Service has issued a prior permit. These permits will always have some pre-entry conditions attached, and in some cases post-entry conditions as well.


Entry conditions are described within Import Health Standards or can be sought via the Samoa Quarantine Service contacts.

Anyone wishing to import animals is advised to seek Import Permit advice well in advance of any proposed shipping date as, in some cases, extensive research will need to be undertaken to assess the potential risks associated with the entry of the animal. Even after this extensive research permission to enter cannot be guaranteed.
Entry conditions may also include a period of "transit" time in an approved country prior to entry into Samoa. At the present time these approved transit countries are Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

Examples of commonly imported animals include;
- Cats and dogs from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji.
- Cats and dogs from USA

Always declare animals carried, and if in doubt ask a Quarantine Officer for advice. Some animals may be prohibited entry, and others may require some sort of treatment or special inspection/examination before entry can be allowed.

Sending an animal overseas ?
- contact the Ministry of Agriculture's Animal Production and Health Division Veterinarian (see contacts)

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