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Incoming Aircrafts

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In the case of an aircraft arrival, disinsection procedures must be followed. This can be achieved either by the aircraft undergoing a residual treatment overseas (documented and presented to the Quarantine Officer on arrival), or the aircraft undergoing "on arrival" insecticide treatment. In all cases it is the responsibility of the aircraft's owner or the airline to advise Quarantine at least 24 hours prior to arrival of the aircrafts disinsection status, ETA and pre-load passenger numbers. Any cargo carried must also be advised together with full details of each consignment.
All aircraft, passengers and crew and their baggage are to be cleared as per standard operational procedure of Quarantine.
Agricultural Commodity for Export is carried out at the borders, whereby certain export requirements must be met.

In Transit
Animals in transit undergo an approved Quarantine clearance and are to remain at a designated Quarantine area. All quarantine regulated items in transit requires transit inspection by Quarantine officials. These cargoes are to remain airside, either on the aircraft, or in an approved transitional facility under Quarantine supervision.

(Attachment of Declare or Dispose Diagram)

All aircraft refuse are to be removed and taken to the transitional storage facility by contracted operators or owner than to incinerator under quarantine supervision.

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