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Category: Sample Data-Articles Published on Wednesday, 28 May 2014 Written by Super User

Quarantine is responsible for facilitation of safe trade for our primary agricultural exports. The main area of responsibility is to assist exporters by exploring the market access opportunities for targeted produce (such as our taro and Tahitian lime)
In all cases prospective exporters are advised to contact the Quarantine Service well in advance of any proposed exportation, and provide as much detail and information as they can to assist their application for certification. In some cases SQS will need to sight an import permit from the country to which the goods are going.

In most cases exported produce (or products) require phytosanitary documentation to facilitate entry to another country.
Quarantine Officers will need sufficient advance notice, and time, to properly inspect and certify items for export.
The Samoa Quarantine Service will do all it can to facilitate export of complying consignments.
Please note that it is always best to seek advice from the various country of Export. A fee applies to any Certification issued by Samoa Quarantine Services. If you are unsure, ask our Quarantine officials for further clarification.

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