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Welcome Remarks

Samoa is free from many of the world's dangerous agricultural and environment changing pests and diseases. And we want to keep it that way. Our rich farm lands, produce a large variety of crops, and livestock farming for our people. Some of our produce and livestock are exported overseas. Food, plants or plants products, animals or animal products from overseas may contain diseases that affect our source of income and food security.

Today however the speed and popularity of air travel has dramatically increased the chances of spreading pests and diseases from other countries to our shores, particularly those plant and animal pests and diseases, and weed species, which could devastate our economy, unique environment, and our way of life.

Our island paradise is constantly under threat and these pests and diseases may travel as hitchhikers with goods that you bring to Samoa. The best advice from Quarantine is - if in doubt leave it at home or declare.

Samoa Quarantine Service (SQS) is part of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF), and the Biosecurity Act 2005 mandates our work, where we prevent or control the introduction and spread of pests and diseases that could cause significant damage to human beings, animals, plants and other aspects of the environment or economic activities.

We are also responsible for assisting exporters of primary produce by providing market access opportunities and government-to-government certification for these products.


 The Registrar of Pesticides ensures that only registered pesticides are available and in use in Samoa, hence, all imported pesticides must be registered.

The SQS operates a twenty-four-hour, seven-days-a-week service, maintaining a presence at key points for entry of biosecurity risk goods - airports, seaports, cargo depots and the mail centre at Apia.

The SQS works in tandem with other inspection agencies at the border (Immigration, Customs and Health) for a whole-of-government approach to border protection.

We have a wonderful environment, and unique unspoiled way of life, and we are proud to protect it.


Help Us to Protect Samoa from Exotic Pests and Diseases.


Talofa lava, and a warm welcome to our website.