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Food stuffs

Category: Sample Data-Articles Published on Wednesday, 28 May 2014 Written by Super User

Samoa has a bountiful supply of good foods and also imports a wide variety of foods from all over the world. Samoan people are great travelers and part of the culture is to bring/or take food as a gift when travelling. Many foodstuffs brought into Samoa do not present a biosecurity risk, however there are some that will - or that could harbor pests that would be a serious threat to our economy and environment.

We do not encourage travelers to bring foodstuffs here but recognize that it may be an important part of the trip. We do encourage travellers to declare what they have so that the Quarantine Officer can decide on the biosecurity risk status of the item.

Examples of Foodstuffs that require inspection include;
- Meat, and meat products (salami, beef jerky, chinese
- Fruit and vegetables
- Honey and honey products
- Dried edible plant products
- Eggs
Always declare these items, and if in doubt ask a Quarantine Officer for advice. Some items may be prohibited entry, and others may require treatment before entry can be allowed.
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